Our teams are selected through a consensus of our entire coaching staff. Players are selected based on their athletic performance, their attitude on and off the court, and overall dedication to developing their game. Players will be notified of their selection to the TFE Basketball Organization within 48 hours after the final tryout dates.

If your child is not selected to join a TFE Travel Team, there are other options available that might improve your chances in the future.

TFE’s Skill Training/Development Program:

The TFE Skill Training/Development Program allows a player to become a club member and is assigned to a developmental team based on their specific skill set. Developmental players participate during the season, just as the Travel team, but in a lower level of competition to aide in developing their skill sets. All players attend practices,skill sessions, non-team events/activities, and may have the opportunity to serve as an alternate if a team needs an extra player.

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