TFE Reviews

AAU MD District Governor Ben Dubose

Team Fire Elite Organization is ranked among my Top 5 organizations in the MD region. I knew when I first spoke to Nikki & Kevin and heard of the great work they were doing with the children in the community that I was going to figure out how to keep them around. I don’t take my selections for the Governor’s Award lightly. Both Nikki and Kevin were selected as recipients of the prestigious Governor’s Award for their dedication, service, and commitment to the youth and the community. I didn’t only come to talk this evening I came to take action, I am appointing Nikki & Kevin to the Maryland Executive Board and TFE, Inc. as AAU’s Point of Contact for the Southern Maryland Region. I am committed to forming a stronger AAU coalition for our youth within the Southern Maryland arena with sustainable youth programs. ~ AAU Maryland District Governor Ben Dubose

Terrill Dorsey, Regional Manager Monumental Sports & Entertainment, Washington Wizards

Working with TFE was a great experience and seamless process. The group of athletes they have that are dedicated to getting better is truly astounding. The young men are a great representation of Team Fire Elite’s brand. It was an honor to provide them with the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a Wizards’ game and play on the court at halftime.

Jamie O’Berry, National Program Manager, Caps for Kids

Dear Team Fire Elite Organization- On behalf of Caps for Kids and the young patients we serve, I would like to thank you and all of your members for the continued support of Caps for Kids through Corporate Cap Day. As a not-for-profit organization, Caps for Kids depends on the generosity of companies like Team Fire Elite Organization, Inc. so we can continue our mission of providing autographed caps to all children who have lost their hair due to medical treatments. As you know, Caps for Kids is an international nonprofit organization dedicate to providing celebrity autographed caps to children, adolescents and young adults who have lost their hair as a result of treatments for cancers and other life threatening illnesses. Your kind donation will directly affect children who are struggling with such medical battles. It will be used to cover all expenses involved in providing autographed caps to patients. Again, on behalf of our Board, committees and most importantly, the young patients we serve I want to offer our most heartfelt thanks for your support of Caps for Kids Sincerely ~Jamie O’Berry National Program Manager, Caps for Kids

Francina Brown, Charles County Resident

I was so excited to see the picture of everyone involved. I was so amazed with your kindness and enjoyed meeting everyone in the lobby! I am so grateful for the perfect surprise which included a Christmas filled with food and gifts. I would like to shine some light upon a truly inspiring person -Miss Nikki Dade and also Kevin Dade. This is the first time I’ve heard of this beautiful organization that involved our youth. It felt like an awesome, explosive Christmas celebration! I have served in the community myself and retired in 2015 working in the Charles County Board of Education for 10 years. I often volunteered tutoring and mentoring the youth. On the day of December 19th, 2015, I felt connected to the young people you brought to my home. I was also extremely excited to see the adult’s support as well. It reminded me of when a person plants a seed of love. What you reflect is what you get back. Team Fire Elite Organization definitely expressed the meaning of giving! Thanks to everyone! Great job! Happy New Year! ~ Francina Brown

Arthur Jenkins, parent and supporter or TFE

The Back to School Educational Symposium with Tailor Made Mentoring was a home run, for sure! The boys can take the information they received through the year and beyond. It is platforms like what TFE provided that will push the boys in the right direction  ~ Arthur Jenkins, parent and supporter or TFE

Penny Brown, OT, RT, AD – Genesis Health Care/Waldorf Center

Dear Team Fire Elite – You really knocked our socks off with your generosity! Thank you so very much for the beautiful bags of gifts. So many times our elderly are forgotten and do not receive the attention that they deserve. Unfortunately not all of our Residents have family that live close by or maybe they have lived out all of their relatives. Some of the Residents have told me that they miss just being touched or hugged. By coming to our facility to reach out to socially and with presents too made it a great day for them! They were talking about the Holiday party, they boys and the gifts for a week afterwards. ~Sincerely Penny Brown, OT, RT, AD – Genesis Health Care/Waldorf Center

Alexandria Burtnick- MorningSide House of St. Charles Resident

Dear Members and Staff of Team Fire Elite – As one of the residents of MorningSide House of St. Charles, I would like to express my sincere gratitude – from the bottom of my heart – for your visit to our facility and particularly for the thoughtful basket of goodies that you so generously brought us. I personally thank you for each item in the basket. I know I will use and enjoy everything. You were so generous!! What a lovely time we spent with you. I truly hope you come back to visit us soon. All of you are so kind and thoughtful. May the Lord continue to bless you and your families. Keep up the good work. The world will benefit from your kindness and love. With deep appreciation and Love ~ Alexandria Burtnick, MorningSideHouse of St. Charles Resident

Lin Batson -MorningSide House of St. Charles Resident

Dear Sweet Team Fire Elite – Your baskets was so beautiful . Every item was needed. Keep up the good work and I’m so proud of you. Keep the smiles you had on your face. I hope sometime I can see you again, to thank you in person and not just in this note. May God Bless you All! ~ Lin Batson, MorningSideHouse of St. Charles Resident

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