General Information

Why Invest in our Youth

The millennial generations are future leaders of tomorrow. A generation known for self-expression, an innate adaptability for change, and passionate innovators. TFE believes it is essential to support the advancement of this generation through capacity building, mentorship, and as a positive outlet of support. It is through these pillars of support that our youth can begin to evolve as Extraordinary Leaders for Tomorrow. Pew statistics reflect this generation is on track to become the most educated generation in American history. TFE would like to increase their possibilities with an additional opportunity to obtain an advantage in society.

Why our Young Men?

It has been stated, where opportunity is limited, boys, particularly men of color, are in a crisis. An instrumental part of a young boy’s development is creating a pathway to obtain both an educational and economic advantage. Knowledge is power and the foundation for success in a generation that will succeed with guided direction. TFE is passionately committed to showing our youth how organized sports can open doors of limitless possibilities through discipline, academics, service, and unity.

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